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Keycode Cell Phone Tag

Cell Phone Tags

We rely more and more on our mobile devices in our everyday use.

A phone is much more than just a phone with all of your calender events, contacts, phone numbers and email addresses etc. Losing your cell phone is more than just a matter of replacing the phone and most of us know someone who has lost theirs.

With a Key Code Cell Phone tag, even if your cell phone is locked or the battery is flat, the finder can easily read the message on the  tag requesting that they call Key Codes 0800 number provided.  Our friendly staff will check the anonymous code provided on the tag to identify your details and make immediate contact to arrange delivery to your nominated address.

A 60 minute courier is promptly organized to deliver your cell phone directly to you free of charge.

Many of our customers who have received our cell phone tags, order extra for their small personal belongings - like a wallet or a purse, spectacle cases or even larger items - an iPad or Laptop.

As with our Key Code key tags, we are happy to replace Cell Phone Tags free of charge, as required


The Cell Phone service is invoiced on a yearly basis:

  • Single $9.90 (incl. GST)
  • Duo $14.90 (incl. GST)
  • Triple $19.90 (incl. GST)

To make an enquiry please contact us.

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